04 July 2012

More on Security: Linux.
[Linux Malware & Anti-Virus Measures]

-As I stated previously, no OS is ironclad. Windows viruses are well known and Mac has begun to suffer the same woes. And what about Linux? We must remember that if we were to operate in isolation then there would be relatively no problems at all (barring hardware and software glitches). As soon as we get connected in a wider fashion, be it LAN, Intranet, or Internet, we become exposed to a plethora of threats. So, this brings us to Linux whose users can not take these threats lightly. Linux is the OS of choice for many big players, like banks, universities, hospitals and security agencies, from embedded systems to large-scale computers. There is now increasing use of Linux by personal computer operators. With so many Linux distributions developed and being developed (by special interest groups, institutions and countries) it is not surprising to face all sorts of risks, be in internal or external. For an easy-to-read exposition on Linux malware and anti-virus measures, you can visit the Wikipedia page at:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_malware. (I will not repeat what is done well by others.)

-For my purposes, I intend to download the avast! For Linux Home Edition on my Ubuntu 12.04 installation  http://avast.com/eng/download-avast-for-linux-edition.html. One can read a fine tutorial on HowtoForge regarding avast! for Linux installation here:. AVG has a package for the Linux/FreeBSD distro as well. You can get a free version here. I'm mentioning these two programs because they are the most downloaded of the group for now. Having said that, let us do our best to protect the cyber-ecosystem we operate in and not scratch our heads in dismay when something nasty happens which could have been prevented. Remember threats can be cross-platform and cross-device. Let's watch those USB Flash Drives, small as they are, but terribly dangerous when infected. Awareness + Preparedness=Less Risk --> Less Cost

-Next time,we move on to security for Mobile Devices. In the meantime, have a nice day!

-Fernando Yaakov Lalana, M.D.

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