30 November 2012

Hello guys. These are indeed difficult times. But not without some relief. A long good look at the budget deficit, or, the weather, and you will agree that the grey clouds will be around a bit more. But we must be hopeful, whichever way. Well, to be honest, the past week has been a tad difficult for myself and my family. We've had a death in the family, namely, my 92-year-old foster mom. She was the last of that batch of great folks that weathered wars here and there. I need not say more. Oh yes, my PC has been in and out of the technician's shop. I had to fix the Windows aspect, while the repair people still have to install a new cooling fan and heat sink. So either tomorrow or on Monday, this laptop will be in for surgery. Quite simply, a overheating problem caused the unit to shut down by itself quite a number of times. This caused a corruption of Windows that eventually was unrecoverable. Hopefully, things will work out. An ultrabook in the horizon? Who knows. In the meantime, I'm preparing for the up and coming posts, which I hope will tickle your frontal lobe. Stay tuned. Stay safe. Fernando Yaakov Lalana, M.D.

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