24 April 2012

Exploring Free Open Source Software

-Currently working on Free Open-Source Software: NetBeans 7.1.1, Freemat, PSPP and jHepWork.. It definitely isn't a walk in the park. Hope to be able to contribute to the FOSS Community, particularly in Data Analytics and Visualization. Hope to make strides slowly but surely. But one notices that that there is a certain degree of specialization within different branches of Medical institutions, each one developing its own in-house (home-brewed) apps, or extensions and modules for existing progs. If only developers could work on common themes, and of course, collaborate towards a vibrant approach to the FOSS ecosystem! Bioinformatics is here to stay and grow exponentially. There is a greater1challenge in the area of the mobile revolution. Can one run an fMRI on a tablet PC or smartphone? Maybe not now, but I see the eventual integration of all platforms. And aside from that, keeping it economical. :) Hope to hear from readers of this blog, which is a work in progress

Fernando Yaakov Lalana, M.D.

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