08 June 2012

Viable Development Platforms & Environments

-It's been a while since my first post. In the process of evaluating Free Open Source Software (FOSS), several good options are: developing apps in Java, Python (with NumPy, SciPy and even Jython), and the ubiquitous VBA and COM add-ins for Windows progs. Not to forget, the GoogleAppEngine is a great way for cloud based applications. As a matter of fact, one can start for free on their platform. The learning curve for all these options vary according to one's programming paradigms, likes, biases, and diligence. "No pain, no gain" might be the order of the day! And the plot thickens if one has forgotten differential equations or graph theory, to name two areas of essential skills. Nevertheless the web is full of review resources, whether in print or multimedia. So mediocrity has no place in a developer's tasks. One can use a variety of available IDEs to code, debug and maintain his project. In my case, the choices for now are NetBeans, iPython and Eclipse. My present projects are PC and mobile app devs for Cardiology and Data Analysis.

- This wraps it up for now. See you again. Remember to post feedback. It's truly appreciated. :) Back to the drawing board...

Fernando Yaakov Lalana, M.D.

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